Esoteric Astrology

Astrology is a science of the astral and causal planes. It relates to the seven chakras of the body, each planet corresponding to a particular chakra. The planets don’t effect us through Gravitational waves as some people tend to believe. The waves from the planets do reach us but these waves originate and affect us on the astral/causal planes.  So searching for them in the physical plane and relating them to mass or other such properties will obviously yield no results. Planets can thus be said to be physically  dead but astrally & causally alive. Astrology is to a large extent an astral science and our forefathers had recognized this fact. This is the reason why they did not look upon planets as balls of gas and matter but as individuals in the image of human beings operating from the astral realm. Chakras lie within our causal body and relay their effects through the astral body to govern our spiritual and material nature, talents, physical functioning and worldly position.The Chakras get activated by the Kundalini Shakti ( serpent power) residing at the base of the spine. This carries the blueprint of all our past and present actions. This serpent power is intimately related to the two serpent planets Rahu and Ketu ( the Lunar Nodes).

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