Holy Name

“Parashar says: Kaliyug is the mine of faults, but it has only one great virtue – that the people will acquire divine position only by reciting Lord’s name. Recitation of Lord’s name, regardless of intention and motivation– whether it is love, derision, laziness or maliceness- would destroy one’s sins.

The Paramgati (supreme salvation) that people could receive by ten thousand years of meditation in Satayug; by performing Yagya for hundred years in Tretayug and by worshipping Lord’s idol for ten years in Dwapar, that supreme salvation is easily available for people in Kaliyug simply by reciting Lord’s name for one day and one night continuously. But still, in Kaliyug people would not have faith in Lord’s name. It is their misfortune.” (VISHNU PURANA)

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2 Responses to Holy Name

  1. george says:

    sorry for the dumb Q, which name of the Lord is he referring to here? Thank you!

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