Kali Yuga

Kali Yuga , the present world age is the Age of Quarrel. There is quarrel among persons, quarrel in behaviour, quarrel in one’s mind and intellect. One is always disturbing the peace of others. Cruelty becomes the hall mark of the society in which we live. As a result nature becomes imbalanced, natural disasters are increased, everywhere there is dissension and chaos.

In the Vedic scriptures the only means of deliverance in Kali Yuga is to “recite the Holy Name of the Lord”, a transcendental vibration which allows peace and compassion to flow within one’s being, and helps the mass consciousness evolve to a higher level. One can no longer perform complicated Vedic sacrifices according to their proper manner, because knowledge and action have deteriorated to such an extent. But one can still recite the Holy Name of the Lord, not just for oneself, but out of compassion for all of Humanity, Mother Earth and Beyond.

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