Ode To A Living Guru on Guru Purnima

There is only one mantra “Om Guruveh Namaha”

If Guru is not happy, no one can save one, no God or being in any of the three worlds

One who serves Guru is the luckiest in all the worlds

Humility is not gained without serving Guru

One should embrace the living Guru, the one who is still alive in the body, so one can still fall at their feet. What use is it to bow at the feet of a dead guru whom one has never met or some invisible god or being one cannot see?

One should pray for the Blessings of Guru, There is no Greater Blessing

Guru can take one out of the asylum, one will not find a saner person.
Guru is the greatest giver
one’s greatest joy.
Guru is the pride of the sage,
the life raft for a dying man,
the home for a householder,
the god for a devotee,
the hope for the hopeless,
the food for the hungry,
the redemption for the sinner,
the only Gift worth that title.

One can feed all the hungry people in the world
but if one is not fed by the Guru
all one’s efforts are a useless show.

Only Guru
Only Guru
Only Guru
Only Guru
There is only Guru

One should simply sit at the feet of their Guru
Then one will have no cause for remorse..

Blessed Be the Guru.

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