How To Change The World – Awakening to a New Age

If you want to change the world the only step required is to change your diet.

If everybody began eating only nutritious organic vegetarian food, this would bring enlightenment to the planet.

Good Health through right diet means absence of disease, which means the fall of pharmaceutical corporatism and corruption,
it destroys the banking system as a by product, the stock market, unnecessary jobs and endless cruelty. It means
not raping the earth of all its resources.

It means highly developed and nourished brains receptive to higher consciousness. It means that one begins to think
and act with clarity and intelligence. It means the absolute cure of depression and every disease known to man, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, allergies, mental illness, aids.. the list is endless. It means the cure of Every Disease.

Cultivating right foods means kindness to all creatures, abolition of violent slaughtering of animals, it is the solution to erosion, it means right agriculture, the abolition of harmful chemicals and pollutants, it means enough food for
everybody on the planet, it means clean water, clean ocean, clean clouds, clean sky, clean soil and clean air, clean
ozone, balanced climate. It means happiness in the bodies, hearts and minds of people and all things that exist.

It means Time becomes purposeful and available and no longer filled with meaningless acts of destruction.

Healthy means one is fit to Serve Divine hence the 6th and 12th house Axis. Serving Divine is the Highest Path to Enlightenment.

It means Love.

It means the awakening of a New Age.

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