When we access an empty pure state in ourselves, we begin to see how our impressions of anything are within our complete responsibility. If we want to experience fear connected
to a particular thing, then it is so. If we want to give anything weight of any kind it is within our power to do so. If we want to perceive a negative focus that is what will be. It is somewhat important to find that clear state within to comprehend or act with any type of freedom at all which is not based on unconscious impressions that are deeply rooted in the psyche and  not based on just serving limited egocentric notions. These unconscious impressions or behavior patterns are usually what one is slave to. Finding that pure space is the key to getting a truer perspective or foundation for ourselves.  The moment is always
spontaneously alive, rich with creative potential. We experience that properly
once we have located our true centre of awareness, so that is always a useful step forward.

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