Grace of the Infinite

There are some who say, “Only we know Krishna, only we are authorized, qualified, only we hold claim to the flame of his love.”

Just because one has some authority on a matter doesn’t mean one has proprietorship. The flower can be tasted by all in which ever way the lord desires. Trying to limit,
the one who is limitless, whose love is infinitely as limitless is not possible.

The one who is limitless is simply not answerable to anyone or anything.

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Native American Prayer

God, grant me the strength
of eagle wings,
the faith and courage
to fly to new heights,
and the wisdom
to rely on Your spirit to carry me there.

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Lectures for the Spiritual Seeker

PT Speaks: Breaking Out of The Matrix

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Praise The Lord

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Remedy for Afflicted Planets

“Planets are always good to those who are gentle and do not harm anybody, possess self control, earn wealth through noble means, and observe a religious discipline.”  PHALA DEEPIKA

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Vimsottari Dasa and Human Life Span

In around the last 30 years a group of scientists discovered that human beings could live to a maximum of one hundred and twenty years of age and that body cells could not reproduce beyond that.   The most influential treatise on Vedic Astrology, Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra,  advises that Vimsottari Dasa is the best predictive Dasa system to use for the current age, and we note that Vimsottari Dasa covers a span of 120 years, also allotting 120 years to maximum human longevity





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When we access an empty pure state in ourselves, we begin to see how our impressions of anything are within our complete responsibility. If we want to experience fear connected
to a particular thing, then it is so. If we want to give anything weight of any kind it is within our power to do so. If we want to perceive a negative focus that is what will be. It is somewhat important to find that clear state within to comprehend or act with any type of freedom at all which is not based on unconscious impressions that are deeply rooted in the psyche and  not based on just serving limited egocentric notions. These unconscious impressions or behavior patterns are usually what one is slave to. Finding that pure space is the key to getting a truer perspective or foundation for ourselves.  The moment is always
spontaneously alive, rich with creative potential. We experience that properly
once we have located our true centre of awareness, so that is always a useful step forward.

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